LGF is a free outdoor music festival set at the Historic Como Lakeside Pavilion, a lakefront arts oasis in the heart of St. Paul. The festival is run by community-conscious musicians focused on highlighting a diverse lineup of local and international artists, encouraging new artistic collaboration, and highlighting the world class music and business community of Minnesota.


Past performers have included national luminaries such as Marc Ribot, Robben Ford, Davis Grissom, Jim Campilongo, Rosie Flores, Bo Ramsey, Muriel Anderson, Guthrie Trapp, Greg Koch, as well as locals, experimental artists, and student groups. The festival kicks off early in the day with workshops open to the public as well as a Teen Guitar/student spotlight with local luthier, pedal makers, guitar shops, and some larger sponsors. Expos throughout the festival site, a masterclass,  a gear swap and other activities promise a one of a kind event suitable for all ages of music lovers.


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Advisory Committee - Chris Osgood, Peter Jandric, Patricia McLean, Jim Farrell, Tom Irvine, Rick Dow, Thom Middlebrook, Nate Westgor, Chris Clouser, Erroll Joki,  Alan Estevez, John Knapp, Chan Phillips, Maureen Bausch